RBOR Series

RBOR Rules

  • Time starts when car breaks the beam.
  • If a cone is touched a penalty is added and the cone is dead.
  • Tape can be touched without penalty.
    • Broken tape is a penalty.
    • Stakes holding the tape count as a cone.
  • If more than 1/2 the car is outside of race course marked with either cones or tape, a minute will be added to the time.
  • Cutting course will result in a DNF.
  • Any questions about the rules need to be asked at the drivers meeting no changes to the rules will be made after the first car leaves the line.
  • If a competitor takes off safety equipment during the race and does not fully strap back in prior to moving this will result in a DNF.

*Penalty = 15 seconds



  • Vehicles must have either a full roof or a cage. RBOR strongly encourages full cages tied into frames. Each vehicle will be inspected prior to leaving the line.
  • Factory seatbelts required to have a shoulder strap. 4 or 5pt. harness strongly encouraged.
  • Helmet must be worn (and buckled) at all times.
  • All occupants must be secure before the car moves.
  • Must have 2 fire extinguishers, one easily reached by the driver.
  • Must have kill switch that shuts off fuel pump and ignition with one switch, and is easily reached by the driver. *Key is fine if you can reach it fully strapped in.
  • There shall be NO consumption of Alcohol. A competitor found to have consumed Alcohol during the competition (you must abstain until you’ve completed your lastpass) will be discharged from the race that day.
  • ALL vehicles are subject to a tech inspection at anytime and discharged from competition if deemed unsafe.


RBOR Classes

Unlimited class: 40″ or above tire

Mod class: 39.5 and under tire

UTV class: No restrictions


RBOR Points

1st:  50 pts
2nd:  46 pts
3rd:  43 pts
4th:  42 pts
5th:  41 pts
6th:  40 pts
7th:  39 pts
8th:  38 pts
9th:  37 pts                
10th:  36 pts

11th:  35 pts
12th:  34 pts
13th:  33 pts
14th:  32 pts
15th:  31 pts
16th:  30 pts
17th:  29 pts
18th:  28 pts
19th:  27 pts
20th:  26 pts

21st:  25 pts
22nd:  24 pts
23rd:  23 pts
24th:  22 pts
25th:  21 pts
26th:  20 pts
27th:  19 pts
28th:  18 pts
29th:  17 pts
30th and below: 10pts

Breaking the beam @ the start 5 points (DNF)



May 21st – Rocks and Valleys *Confirmed

June 18th – Bundy Hill *Confirmed

July 23rd – Twisted Trails *Confirmed

Sept 3rd – Rocks and Valleys **Championship *Confirmed


Drivers meetings

10 a.m. race day

Racers names will be pulled from a hat to determine running order.

Once running order is established, racers are to get in line and stay in order.


Points Series Breakdown.

  • Points will be added up after each event and posted online.
  • Each weekend will have cash payouts for the top 3 times of each class.
    • Awards for the fastest lap of the day as well.
  • Points championship will be at second Rocks and Valleys race Aug 27th

**Cash payouts are dependent on race attendance

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